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$ 10.00 Indian Head Coins XF/AU

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Size .48375
Purity .900
DIAMETER 27.0 mm
U.S. Pre-1933 $10 Gold Piece Ind Random Date (XF/AU)

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$10 Indian in XF/AU condition. Dates of our choice.

In 1907 a collaboration between the dynamic president Theodore Roosevelt and renown American sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens resulted in new designs for both the twenty dollar gold coin and the ten dollar gold coin. The new design on the eagle featured a native American on the obverse, and a standing eagle on the reverse. The Indian was modeled after the figure of Nike (representing Victory) that was part of the Saint-Gaudens’ equestrian Sherman Monument located at the entrance to New York’s Central Park, and the reverse was a representation of America’s symbol, the bald eagle. Specifications: Designer: Augustus Saint-Gaudens, with modifications by Charles Barber Circulation Mintage: high 4,463,000 (1932), low 30,100 (1911-D). Mintage figures may not accurately reflect availability, due to gold coin recall and melting. Proof Mintage: high 204 (1910), low 50 (1914) Denomination: $10.00 Diameter: 27 mm, edge with 46 raised stars (48 stars from 1912 forward) Metal Content: 90% gold, 10% copper Varieties: A few minor die variations have been identified.


Category: Indian Head $10 (1907-1933)
Mint: Philadelphia
Mintage: 500
Obverse Designer: Augustus Saint-Gaudens
Reverse Designer: Augustus Saint-Gaudens
Composition: 90% Gold
Weight: 16.7180g
AGW: 0.4838oz
Diameter: 27mm
Edge: 46 Raised Stars